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  • The Last Pharmacy 1985
  • The Thalia 1986
  • YALE Trucking Sign 1986
  • KITTYKAT Times Sq 1985
  • "Three Women" 2017
  • "FLASH MEMORIES" ZINE by Clay Benskin & Matt Weber Signed Twice! $20 W FREE Shipping USA only   Paypal me at:
  • Balloons 1988
  • Little Passenger 2017

Licensing and File Downloads


If you’re interested in licensing high resolution files for commercial use please contact me via email.

  5 Responses to “Licensing and File Downloads”

  1. I love your pic of CBs/Palace Hotel. Any chance you have a high-quality version of that one available for me to print out for my house? I’m getting fucking old and am married and live in CT and miss the good old days of Sunday matinees and being young.

  2. Hello,

    Your work is fantastic.

    I would like to incorporate your photo of a burned-out LA storefront into a film screening poster for my film school.

    Would that be possible?

    Best and thanks,

    Rob Milazzo

  3. Hi there,
    I’d like to use the Porcelain KATZ’s Deli Sign 1987 for a catalog we are doing that is including several different NYC landmarks. We have gotten the rights from Katz to use their signage, and just came upon your image. I can shoot it myself next week, but if you would like to give me a high res file for $75, i can just as easily use your image. The final image is only about 2×4″ in the catalog. Let me know if you are interested and how to proceed in getting the high res file…Thanks much…Amy

  4. Hi Amy,

    Please Paypal the $75 to and I will prepare the file for you right now…Thanks very much, Matt

  5. Hi Rob, I’m sorry I didn’t see your message. I will approve of your using my image if its for non-commercial purposes. (If you still want it)
    If it is for advertising I would ask for a very reasonable fee…Thanks! Matt

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